Thursday, March 7, 2013


I have crawled out from under a rock and I'm back in the swing of things.  Yay.

Before I show you my new painting, I want to thank all each and every one of you who emailed and left comments full of good wishes.  It really did matter.  And I am lucky to have many good friends out there.  Thank you all.

And for anyone contemplating gall bladder surgery,  it's not so bad.  It probably was awful 15 years ago, but modern techniques make it less a big thing.  The roughest part of my experience was tackling an infection with antibiotics that made me so sick, I couldn't bear to watch Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives without gagging.   That finally passed and I think I'm pretty close to my old self again.  Yay.

Back to art.  Enough of that.

12 x 5"
oil on panel

left side detail

right side detail

Ladies taking a bench break with some cold beer during an outdoor arts festival.


Cathy Engberg said...

You are definitely back!! Yay! LOVE IT!

Artist/Painter said...

Nice work, as usual, Karin. I am glad to hear you are feeling better and it's good to hear that gallbladder surgery wasn't too bad (except for the infection). May you have many sunny days and peaceful painting days my friend. All the best!

Linda Popple said...

Happy to see you back and painting!! Love this one!

Amanda Bilson said...

Glad you are feeling better. Re the painting, you are definitely back - wonderful!

Victor Errington said...

Brilliant figure work and action painting Karin. All the best.

Terri Buchholz said...

They clearly didn't damage your painterus awsomeum maximus muscles! Love it! And glad you're feeling better.

Randall said...

I always wondered if cutting there heads off was ok but now you answered that question. Nice painting Karin and glad you recovered. My dad had his taken out when he was in service and that was over fourty years ago, I wonder how bad surgery was back then.


Michelle Morris said...

Karen! Enough of that! I'm so glad your better and back! I need your blog as inspiration! You are as much encouragement to us as we are to you! (Are there enough exclamation points for you?)!
So, is this painting 12 x 5 inches or feet? I just love it!

Marla said...

I just commented on this on DPW - what a FANTASTIC painting! I love it!

Didn't realize you'd had surgery. So glad to hear you're recovering.