Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Fond Memories"

5 x 7"
oil on panel

Now that I'm back in 'Calorie Prison' (please refer to this post for a definition), I vicariously relived cherry cheesecake with oil paints.

And if you're interested in the process of this painting, I included a new post on my blog Karin Jurick Paints.  And thanks to all of you who commented on my new blog.


Nan Johnson said...

Ha, I am in the same prison, and for the same reasons! Too much holiday cheer! Thank you for your how-to blog - love it!!

Kay Wyne said...

I don't know what is better....watching this blog and seeing your process of painting cheesecake, or eating a slice in real life. thanks....Kay

Linda Roth said...

I love pastries as subject. They are fun with no calories attached. I too would rather paint them than eat them.

ShaleceElynne said...

Karin, I LOVE your work! Your paintings inspire me to be a better artist! They are so rich and juicy! Thank you for sharing your gift with the world.

France Gallery said...