Sunday, December 2, 2012

"Art Lovers"

8 x 8"
oil on panel

The last time I was at the Metropolitan Museum of Art I obsessed over the higher-floor view of the lobby, what they call the Great Hall.   Floods of humanity moving in and out as the wooden benches are almost always occupied with tired tourists.   Below is a screen shot of the Great Hall from Google Maps.  By the way, you can tour the entire museum with Street View.  

With this new painting, I zoomed in a bit more on a couple taking a break from touring the museum, I found their interlocking hands so sweet and the main inspiration for this painting.  This piece will be included in my grouping 'Met Life', opening this Friday at the Morris & Whiteside Gallery.


Please click here for a larger view.


geraldo roberto da silva said...

Very good! I like very much!

Toni said...

How do you paint with such luscious detail on such small painting?

Amanda Bilson said...

I love how you put everything into your paintings right down to the last detail and this one is a great example. I really like the composition and once again you have not only captured everyday life at its best but also a lovely moment between this couple.

james said...

Really this was amazing. Nice portrait. Thanks for sharing this classic post. keep sharing such pretty post like this.