Thursday, September 20, 2012

"Alongside Highway 30"

8 x 10"
oil on panel

Occasionally, I finish a painting and don't quite like - so I rest it nearby my easel and obsess about it in between working on other pieces.   Then I continue to tinker with it from time to time.  This is one of those tinkered paintings.

The first time I 'completed' it, I was irritated with how tight it was - it looks too much like a photo and not really an oil painting.  I like more brushwork, I like moving oil paint around.  I must have tinkered over five different times during August and in the end, something you probably can't detect in the image above, is the texture - which I'm happy with.  A little palette knife action, dry-brushing on top of dry paint is what turned it into more of an oil painting and that's the ticket.

This scene was from middle America, alongside Hwy 30, the Lincoln Highway, in Brule, Nebraska.


Dan Kent said...

I really like this! Hopper meets Wyeth.

Linda Nickles said...

I'm enjoying the new direction of your recent work, Karin. The light in this painting is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Not only are your figures amazing, but I love these little 'travel gems'.

There's so much everyday around us worth seeing, and you help us do just that.

Thank you!

Christine said...

Thanks for saying all that and I agree that the light is wonderful. It is good to know that other artists also tinker with their paintings. I need to wait and not post mine until I am happy with them. Your work is always an inspiration!

Sharon Alama Art said...

Yes! Sometimes they have to simmer somewhere off the stove by themselves for a while and tell you what they want later on...
The heat of the sun on that roof brings it to a standstill.. it's a gem.

artybecca said...

I agree with all about the light on the roof. So appealing!
I live right on the same road. Rt 30, the Lincoln Highway is the main drag through my little borough here in Pittsburgh.

joari71 said...

Hey, I like your work. Keep on this direction.