Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Forced Break

My Mac is in the hospital, the one I use from sunup to sundown, the one I use to paint from. Yikes. At first, it forced me to clean the house, clean the studio, take care of things I avoid. Now I'm just frustrated and waiting.

Still waiting........ no Photoshop to show you my latest. This all is driving me nuts. I'm painting from my iPad and laptop - not as blissful as working from my big screen, but it'll do for now.


Giselle Vidal McMenamin said...

Hope it mends soon!

Nancy Colella said...

Ouch! That hurts! Although maybe it's a good thing. Nothing wrong with a clean studio!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Probably what you needed, though?
Relax and enjoy.

Rose said...

I am so sorry to hear about your Mac. The iPad is really cool to paint from, I used to have one and it was a big help :)

Enjoy the rest.. it'll get busy before you know it! And thanks for the advice today! :)

Karen M Schmidt said...

I know how frustrating it must be to be without your main computer; hope you're finding some enjoyment in your clean studio and house (I envy you that at the moment!) It'll be sweet for us to see what you've been working on when you're back up; I always look forward to seeing your latest!

Kasturi said...

Karen..This when your photos aren't top class (according to you...).

They look most appetizing and grabbable!