Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Painting New York, NY & Easels

I created this new book primarily for my upcoming workshop in New York, hopefully to inspire my students (a freebie if you're one of them). When I saw the finished product, I loved it so much, I thought I'd offer it to all of you out there who would enjoy the paintings I've done from my past visits to the Big Apple. The book includes 51 color reproductions featuring scenes from the parks, sidewalks, streets, restaurants, museums and a few from the New York Stock Exchange and Grand Central Terminal.

To purchase this new book from Blurb, please click here.

also....... Brett has sold out of the newest tabletop easels and more will be available around mid-June. If you'd like to be on a waiting list, email us at paintoneasel(at)mindspring(dot)com.

Brett had this new design on his mind for a couple of months, a support base that will fit on a stand-up easel, for those who prefer standing and painting. The dilemma, when painting small pieces, is that it's uncomfortable and awkward - so he took the same design, without the base and added two adjustable stop bars so you can position the smaller panels where you want. It works beautifully. He's calling it the Paint On AlterEasel.

He's taking several to my workshop - when we return, he'll start selling those as well as the tabletop easels. We wanted some feedback on the idea and the need - if you're compelled to comment, let us know.

The Paint On AlterEasel

We both appreciate your patronage - it will most certainly help fund the big road trip ahead. I hope to keep blogging during my adventures and the workshop - I'm really looking forward to it.

Happy Trails ~ Karin J

ps...... any comments left earlier were lost in the recent Blogger crash.


Jane Hunt said...

The workshop sounds amazing. I hope you keep doing them - I'm determined to make it one day...

Amy Stewart said...

Karin--thanks so much for creating the NY book! Will remind me of our workshop last year. I just ordered mine. And I would LOVE one of those stand-up easel holders, so count me in for one of those, too. How do they fasten on the back--wing/butterfly screws?

Tonya Bates said...

Yeah!!! How exciting. Can't wait, and feel so fortunate to be in the workshop again this year. See you (and Brett) soon.

sapphron said...

I am missing your posts|

Nika said...

I work with pastel and if the surface is large enough to fit various pastel paper sizes, it looks like it would work well for that too!