Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"100 Faces, No. 18"

4 x 4"
oil on masonite

I'm back at it. And a request - I'd appreciate not getting comments about these individuals I'm painting, out of respect - but I do welcome all comments about the painting itself. Thanks.


carol morgan carmichael said...

This one evokes so much emotion. Wow! Favorite so far.

Linda Popple said...

I agree with Carol about the emotion. Your palette is so amazing with each portrait. The skin tones are different with each individual and each one evokes a different feeling. Absoutely fantastic series!

Julie in the studio said...

Karin. Your brush strokes are so brave. I am really trying to put the paint down like that- no noodling. Thank you for allowing the world to peek in on you.
A question about your process: Generally, how long does a painting of this size take you to complete? (The reason I ask is to gage my competency.)

Unknown said...

I just love this project of yours!

SKIZO said...

Thank you for sharing
This fabulous work with us
Good creations