Sunday, April 26, 2009


7 x 5"
oil on masonite

I like to watch golf tournaments on TV - not for the sport - but for the landscapes, the crowds, the shadows, the color. It's also a great way to study the human figure. I painted this while watching the Masters - simplifying the surroundings. It's a fun subject - I'd like to do more.


Ann Rogers said...

Okay, that's my husband playing at the least in his mind! Love it! You have really captured the aura of the moment! said...

So seemingly simple yet so correct.

Unknown said...

This was painted from images you gathered from a live TV feed? Wow. That's impressive. You have one fast brush!

JanettMarie said...

That's Kenny Perry!!
You've captured his wide putting stance! Nice.

Making A Mark said...

I never thought of that - but putting is perfect for drawng figures - and then there's all that repeat action with the swing as they tee up. I shall be watching with renewed interest!