Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"Redneck Riviera"

12 x 7"
oil on masonite

Right now, the thought of relaxing on the beach sounds pretty good. Of course, when I'm on a beach, I'm a non-stop camera bug - so interested in us, the people, and how we set up our spots, group together or prefer alone time. This new painting is a familiar site on a public beach - a family sprawled out, forming shapes of color and light. I just love it.

Please click here for a larger view. This painting is included in my current solo show, now on the walls of the Morris & Whiteside Galleries on Hilton Head Island. The reception is this Friday evening - so pack you bags and come to the beach.


Anne Marie Propst said...

Karin, I think your beach paintings are my favorites. The colors are always clear, crisp and gorgeous. This one makes me want to get to the coast asap. Thanks for the spring fever inspiration!

James Parker said...

Very nice painting..absolutely vibrant colors. REDNECK Riviera? Where's the pile of empty beer cans?

Art with Liz said...

Your choice of subjects is incredible and the way you portray these scenes is truly beautiful. Love love love this beach scene.

PeacefulWmn9 said...

What amazing work you do!


Cheryl Anderson said...

I just love this piece, Karin! It's so vibrant and the composition is wonderful!

Jennifer Winship Mark said...

Karin, I love your work and your Painting blog. You will be fun to follow. I hope your show was a huge success. i am excited to try my hand at one of your painting challenges....I loved see the pictures of your dog and reading the story of how you got started.