Wednesday, August 8, 2007

"The Color Purple"

8 x 10"

oil on masonite


I'm sorry - I know the title is a bit unoriginal - but really, it's that rich, purple overcoat that is the best feature of this new painting. And you think you know purple until you paint it. The image does not quite capture the vivid colors nor the slight changes from blue-purples to red-purples to brown-purples. I really worked at it. The room is made of shapes and tones that compliment that purple - with less emphasis on the art in the gallery and more on the figure.


The Crusty Crone said...

ohmygosh. I LOVE your paintings! I've been blog surfing using a friend's juicy list of links (dustyducktales) and came to yours... and lingered. I've checked out your blog and website and everything is wonderful!! I especially enjoyed your "about me" page. (would love to see what your studio looks like inside... hint hint.) This is why I love the web... wonderful sites like yours. Thank you!!

sandy said...

I agree CC. I love her/your art work too!! The museum paintings are scrumptious...

So glad CC made her way here...


Johnnie Scoutten said...

The 'eggplant' color is what caught my eye, as well, on this one.

So with that is a story - recently tried to use that color combo (mossy greens, golds, butter and eggplant) on a brochure for a prospective client. I loved the colors. Couldn't get them to go for it - they had to have regular hunter green and gold. Sounds like an old kitchen.

Making A Mark said...

This image has been nominated for my competition to find the best artwork completed and posted on an art/illustrated blog in 2007 - See
this post
on (Making A Mark December 17th) which identifies the link to this URL. You may find you get a few visitors!

Readers of my blog will be voting next week for the five nominations selected as finalists - to be posted on Monday on my blog, Making A Mark, along with a complete list of all images/blogs/artists nominated - plus small images of each nominated work.

Can I have permission to post the image on my blog on Monday please?

Merry Christmas