Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dogs Rule

I started this REALLY fun series of dogs - I hope to do a grouping of nine for the July show. They're 6 x 6" and they're of all different pets - some I've seen out and about and a few that belong to friends or neighbors of mine. I'm a huge sucker for dogs, I always try to say hello and introduce myself. They make me happy.

The little guy on the top is "Chip", my neighbor's dog and the two on the bottom were spotted at an arts festival in Decatur, Georgia.

Please click here for a larger view.

both have sold


Bob said...

Nice one.
Do they allow dogs in the art Galleries there? Would be different.
Your art contains magic.

Wayne Gaudon said...

Real beautiful work. Thanks for sharing.


Michelle said...

Wonderful work! My favorite subject! I look forward to seeing more. The top painting reminds me of my late best dog - Zeek.

Valarious said...

Wow! Chip, the top dog looks great! I got your card today on my door. It looks amazing. I keep telling him he is famous.

Anonymous said...

Chip (the min pin) looks adorable! You're an incredible artist. I'll be sharing this site with my friends.