Friday, January 26, 2007

My upcoming show

I haven't vanished off the earth - I've been in the final stages of getting this show put together. The painting part is easy, it's the varnishing, the framing, the packaging and the shipping from the east coast to the west coast that's the hard part. I wish I could say I have "people" who do all that for me - truth is my studio is turned upside-down and my dining room is a packaging center that looks like a bomb hit it. The glamorous world of an artist.

Now I get to relax a little and get ready for my trip to San Francisco. Besides the big event on Saturday night, the opening of my show, I'll be taking photographs around the city for four days. I'm hoping I can do a really great series of daily paintings from this trip, so look for that to start around the 6th of February.

Meanwhile, I'm back to the paints today and hope to get a few done before I go.

Click here if you'd like to see the paintings that will be included in the show.


Anonymous said...

I like how there are all those beautiful little red dots on 90% of the paintings and the show hasn't even opened. That is amazing.


Anonymous said...

Seeing all those red dots its obvious we don't need to wish you good luck with your show, its already a wonderful success for you. Now all your West Coast admirers will get the opportunity to meet you. Enjoy...amd have a safe trip.

Sarah said...

wish I could be there, have fun, post some pictures of the big night...please!