Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Possible Future Workshop

I'm thinking about holding a 5-day workshop in mid-October to late-October, the location would possibly be Savannah, Georgia - although I'm still doing my homework. I'd like for the event to be held in a hotel, with sleeping accommodations included, as well as a nearby airport, easy parking, easy to find meals, etc.

My early plans are:
- The workshop would concentrate on painting small pieces - with oils - and with an individual's choice of working from life or photos.
- Each day would begin with breakfast together, followed by several hours of discussions about painting, blogging, eBay, the business of selling, working with galleries, etc.
- That would be followed by a demo and several hours of all the students painting.
- A late lunch break, then more painting, followed by more discussions.
- I'd like to carve out some time to walk around the city and take photos - perhaps on the 3rd day we could all venture out to Tybee Island for a walk on the beach and more photos. There is a possibility of using one morning or afternoon during the week for plein air painting in one of the city parks, which I've never done, but would love to try.

Here's what I'm asking today - if you strongly believe you would participate, please email me and I will start working on a budget - and get back to you with the total cost of the workshop & accommodations. If I can come up with a minimum of 18 committed students (22 max) - it's a go.

Email me at Thank you.

Updated info: Nothing is going to happen in October - most likely my plans will shift to March or April. If you'd like me to keep you on a list, having an interest in future workshops, email me with 'workshop' as the subject. Please keep in mind, students would have to be experienced in painting with oils.


Suzanne Gysin said...

Hi Karin,
the workshop is a great idea, I would love to attend; however 5 days is too long for me, I can not afford to take that much vacation, and pay the hotel and food. A 3 day workshop would be feasible, and maybe over the weekend.
That's just my situation, but since you are posting, maybe asking for feed back I thought I should put in my 2 cents.
Thanks for offering a workshop!!


OMG! I'm insane right now...I'm booked solid through december but I would take your workshop in a heartbeat. I just need some lead time. Oh please please please offer a workshop again. I'm so fond of Savannah. I could definately attend in 2009. I took a workshop from Carol Marine and it changed my life. I was beyond envious when she spoke of a class with you. I'm crazy about both your work. jb

Art Matters said...

I have a week long workshop booked for October already. I would LOVE to take a workshop from you. I do hope you will have another workshop. Your paintings are brilliant.

Eden Compton Studio said...

Hi Karin,
I would definitely be interested in a workshop with you. I particularly like the idea of including business aspects of painting in the workshop as you don't normally get that in a workshop. The only thing for me is that 18 people sounds like a very large group, particularly if you're going to be painting on site. Most of the workshops I've taken have been ten people or less. Does it need to be that large to make it cost effective? Keep us up to date on the details as I would definitely want to try to make it. Thanks, Eden Compton

Unknown said...

Yes, would love to come.
Am very interested in the business part. Very few artists want to share that info.

I agree with Eden that 18 is too many though...and 5 days better than three.
ps. sent you an email last tnight to the link in this blog and it came back as not deliverable.???
Keep us posted, please. Thanks Karin!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I'm going to Nova Scotia in mid October but, I too would love to take your workshop. I'm not over missing the Carol/Karin workshop from last March in Texas. Well maybe, but I'm booking myself into Carol's March workshop in Jacksonville. I think you are brilliant.
Kisses to Jackie.

Elizabeth Parsons said...

wow...I just read this to my husband...and he should go...BUT...I don't paint in oils...I am a watercolor artist...SIGH...but the idea of Savannah in October for an art workshop sounds like heaven!!

Brenda Lonardo said...

This sounds fantastic!! Count me in Karin! I just received your artbooks today and I am in heaven. Thanks so much!
Brenda Lonardo