Saturday, July 5, 2008

some really nice small works of art....

'A New Hat' by Margaret Dyer

Margaret's got some beautiful pastels on auction. I want them all. Take a look when you have a minute.

'Lilacs on the Corner' by Christopher Greco

I like Christopher Greco's paintings and his prices are really reasonable. He sells his work directly from his website/blog. He always paints a variety of subjects, and I love that.

'Bulb Vase No. 3' by Neil Hollingsworth

Neil's auctioned paintings are always outstanding. Every one of them.


Anonymous said...

i bought one of Chris' pieces about a year ago...beautiful. They talk about the light out west, but as soon as I saw his work I knew he was painting in Cleveland (particularly the winter paintings), sure enough he lives with in ten miles of where I grew up.

American Genius said...

Great work