Thursday, July 24, 2008

"Mother Superior"

12 x 12"
oil on masonite

My good friends were in the Musee d'Orsay in Paris and captured these three young women looking at James Whistler's 'Arrangement in Grey & Black: The Artist's Mother' - most of us know it as 'Whistler's Mother'. I usually paint the figures head to toe - I do love the zoomed in view on this image with the different postures and clothing. Very fun to paint.

Please click here for a larger view.


jilly ballantyne said...

Wow! you are on top form at the moment! This is superb. one of my fave paintings in the musée d'orsay within one of my fave daily painters works! excellent!
Jilly in france

Marilyn Webberley said...

Absolutely Wonderful - and what a title! Fantastic!

Deb said...

Whistler, one of my favorites! VERY nice!
I also like your self portrait. Self portraits give such wonderful insight into the working mind of the artist.

adebanji said...

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