Thursday, November 5, 2009

"Left Wingers & Right Winger"

16 x 8"
2 - 8 x 8" framed together
oil on masonite

From the lobby bench in the new Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. Please click here for a larger view and purchase information.

also...... I'm headed out of town, to sit nervously in my seat at the Charleston Art Auction this Saturday night. Here are the two paintings I've done for the event - I'm crossing my fingers.

'Lost At Sea'

'Out Matching'

A larger view of each can be found here.

Thanks to all for the great feedback - they both sold at the auction. I'm so very happy.


Paintings by Irit Bourla said...

Good luck Karin.

I'm crossing my fingers for you.
This gonna be a huge night for you.

Terri Buchholz said...

Good luck with the auction Karin. I know whoever has the good fortune to win these paintings will be blessed to have them in their homes. Both are just beautiful. I could get lost in the rich colors in those sunbathers legs and the opalescence of the walls in that gallery.

Kaylyn said...

good luck. They are both really fine paintings that I'm sure will find an appreciative home! Wish I was in a buying mode. Alas, not.

Donna said...

Good luck! I love your "gallery" series!

elibet said...

I like very much your paintings.
Your technique of painting is my favorite.

Lisa Daria said...

Really like your choice of cropping out the heads and precisely where you cropped out - goes without stating your paintings are a delight to look at, am always wondering what will come next. . . said...

Love that painting and title "Lost at Sea" so appropriate as they face away from the ocean.

michelle said...

I'm sure you hear this often, but your work is wonderful, I love how you capture mood through body language and posture.

muddy red shoes said...

good luck with your auction, hope they make loads, you are a star!

Art Ist said...

Good luck

I visited 16 on Patton and saw your pieces on display.....VERY NICE!!!

Charles Pompilius said...

Hello Karin,
Very enjoyable work!