Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Auction

Back from Charleston, trying to catch up....

It felt like the best time of the year to be in that city. It's a place you should walk about and it's simply easier when it's cooler. You spot little gems like this along the way.

Saturday morning, I headed to Washington Park where I met up with a Charleston artist, Tate Nation - a delightful person to know. He introduced me to lots of his friends and fellow painters who were participating in 'Painting In The Park', doing Plein Air demonstrations and open to the public to enjoy. Those paintings were also part of the Charleston Art Auction that evening - with proceeds going to local high school art programs.

The auction was so cool - frantic pace once the man with the microphone gets started. Happy to report both of my paintings sold. It is a trip when I see my pieces up there - it's a very exciting event for me.

Just wanted to check in - I'll be back to the paints tomorrow.


Carolina said...

Yes, those are your paintings!
It must feel good, congratulations :)
Best regards,

AutumnLeaves said...

That all just sounds and looks to be so much fun! Congrats on the two sales, though I am not at all surprised. Your work is superb. Love that top photo!

Robert Beneveds said...

Great pictures. That had to be a blast!

Cristall said...

Thanks for sharing - I'm happy for you that the paintings of yours sold, and happy that it's supporting High School art programs! Great job.