Friday, May 14, 2010

Q & A Friday

Happy Friday all ~

I've finished up 6 pieces for my mini-solo show in June and I'll carry on with that project when I return from New York. I wish I could show the work, but I do have to curb my enthusiasm. The opening is June 19th, in Asheville - you'll be seeing those paintings online a few days before that weekend.

As for now, I start organizing and packing up my paints for my trip to the Big Apple - my first workshop held at the National Academy, a few blocks from the Guggenheim Museum. I cannot wait.

I'm game for another Q & A weekend - post your questions on the comments and I'll be happy to answer up until dinner time Sunday. Before you ask, check back on the previous Q & A posts, you may just find your answers there.

Thanks and enjoy your weekend ~


Erica Keener said...

Karin, I love your work, it is a constant reminder to me that I need to loosen up! But my question is about varnishing. I did a little research on the internet, and I see a lot of recommendations to wait quite awhile before varnishing to let the painting "cure" - one site recommended waiting at least 6 months! I saw on your FAQ that you ususally varnish 7-10 days after finishing a painting. I'm wondering if you are able to do this because the paint is not thick and you are not working in multiple layers? And do have a special technique or brushes that you use?

Ghislaine BRUNO said...

Hello Karin,

thank you for this Q&A week-end.
I think you sometimes use figures from several photos to paint museum scenes. How do you deal with the different light sources or light temperatures ?
Also, do you sometimes have different eye levels issues ?

Kelley Sanford said...

Do you think that artists selling their work thorough galleries will change dramatically over the next few years?

dailyhues said...

Could you share with us the brand name of the clear, acid-free silicone you use to glue your pieces to the mat board?

Also, perhaps a photo of one of your paintings framed floater-style?

Many thanks - my husband and I (non-artists, but admirers of your work) are keen readers of your blog.

Anonymous said...

Is there something contractual that keeps you from showing committed work here before a show opens?

Love these little Q&As; thanks!

Karin Jurick said...

Starting with the first question....

Erica - The time to varnish depends mostly on the thickness of the paint, what mediums are used with the paint and the brand of varnish. I use Soluvar because it works for my thickness of paint and can be removed if necessary. I use stain brushes to paint on the varnish, and throw the brush out when I'm done.

Ghislaine - If I use a figure from one photo and place that figure in another background, it is crucial to pay attention to the light sources and temperatures of light - that's an example of how much time and attention is put into the piece well before I start painting. The majority of the museum scenes are taken literally from the photos I take. If not, there's more thought and work put into all that you mention. The only time I have eye level issues is when I use photos taken from my boyfriend, who is 11" taller than I am. I work with the reference and adjust, I guess based on my intuition.

Kelley - Katherine Tyrell's blog 'Making a Mark' always has some compelling remarks about the state of artists/galleries, you should read up on her thoughts throughout the past year(s).
My sense is that many artists figured out years ago that they could represent themselves on the internet rather than look for gallery representation. In the past year, I've seen many galleries dramatically lessen their list of artists anyway - not to mention a lot of galleries closed their doors entirely due to the decrease in business. What's starting to show is the those galleries that work hard, have good-to-excellent artists, will weather thru the storm because they're smart and have in-demand work for sale. I still think, regardless of if an artist wants gallery representation or not, they should represent themselves on the web.

Daily Hues - the clear silicone is Helmar. There is a photo of my framed paintings on the post 'proud moments' - I'll get a closer photo soon.

Karin Jurick said...

Tracy - no, I don't sign contracts anyway. It is out of respect for how the galleries want to organize a show, advertise, etc. I think revealing the work in tandem with their plans is important. In addition, the galleries want to grant their clients with a 'first look', as well they should.

Carol said...

Hi Karin, thank you for the Q&A weekends. How do you pack your paintings for shipment so that the surface of the painting is not damaged during shipment? I'm especially concerned about this issue during the summer. Thanks!

Karin Jurick said...

Carol - First, I make certain the painting and varnish are rock hard dry, which may go without saying. I make a package from cardboard - place the panel on a solid piece with 2" around the edges, build up around the panel, lay strips over the edge a 1/4" to hold in place and put a lid on that. Nothing touches the painting except those strips. In addition to that, I slip the whole thing in a bag, in peanuts, in boxes I buy from a shipping supplier.

I would strongly urge anyone NOT to wrap the painting in bubble wrap or wax paper and also give the drying time extra in the hot months, before shipping. If you don't mail it priority or 2-day ship, you're risking a meltdown.

Anita Tresslar said...

I have been playing around with different ways of photographing my paintings for the web. Do you use tungsten lights indoors or do you photograph your paintings outside as many painters do? The lights tend to wash out the brushstrokes.

Karin Jurick said...

I use halogen lights, indoors.

Elaine Hurst said...

Thank you for these question and answer sessions, they are wonderful. When you travel to paint, would you tell us what kind of set up you take along? Easel, other supplies, and how you keep the weight down. Thank you!

Barbara said...

Karin - I would absolutely love to attend one of your workshops and was wondering if you anticipate any future workshops closer to me -I'm in Alabama.

Karin Jurick said...

Elaine - Honest, this upcoming trip to New York will be my first experience with an organized load of art 'stuff'. When I co-taught a workshop w/Carol Marine, I literally threw everything in boxes. This time I need to tote more - I bought this luggage-like carrier from ArtBin, with wheels. So far everything is fitting. I'll let you know how it works.

Barbara - No plans for more workshops other than New York & Hilton Head.