Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back Home and Ready to Get Painting Again

Just wanted to check in and say hello - I just got back from a trip to Chicago. When I need to get away to get some inspiration for paintings, that city delivers. I'd like to think I could just go downtown, in my own hometown city of Atlanta, and get the same results, but it just doesn't work for me. I need that change of scenery. I need to walk around a corner and see something different. Millennium Park is filled with people sitting on benches and laying in the grass reading a book - tons of folks marveling over the "Cloudgate" sculpture (above photo) - thousands of people going through the Art Institute. I saw paintings in my head every minute of every day.

Now I'm back and have to get to work on many new pieces - I'm totally refreshed and psyched. I hope you'll enjoy all of the new paintings ahead and I'll see you back here in a day or two.


Daniel Sanger said...

can't wait to see your new pieces - sounds like you've had a great dollop of inspiration:)

leslie said...

Welcome back! Isn't that sculpture an inspiration generator?

James said...

So it seems like they don't like calling it "the bean". It apparently has quite a bit of controversy around having itself photographed. I'm glad you introduced it to me in your paintings a while ago. I think I need to get to Chicago sometime, too!