Friday, January 3, 2020

"Lie Before"

9 x 12" 
oil on panel

When I saw this painting Supine Woman by Wayne Thiebaud, in person, in the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art,  I read more about it as soon as I got home.  There had to be more to this and I was right.

The definition of  'supine' can mean "lying on one's back" or "mentally or morally lethargic" so I suspected Mr. Thiebaud meant the first.  His model was his daughter Twinka  (don't you love her name?) and it was 1963.  Consider the time, women were oppressed in society and the workplace so the 'lying down' posture with open legs and a white dress, brown shoes and a clinched fist does make a profound statement.

Wayne Thiebaud will be 100 years old this November and he still creates amazing work.  There are few artists who have had such a profound impact on my life as an artist - the way I see, the way I handle paint and the exploration of many subjects.  Consider him a National treasure as I do.

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