Tuesday, May 15, 2018

"Sitting By"

Yes!  I have my Mac back in my studio.  Turned out I had to replace 'the body' with a refurbished iMac and put my old hard drive, 'the heart', into the new body.  Thanks to Ben at Onyx.  You saved my sanity and my career.  Lesson today, ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF.

I painted this new piece with my little, old laptop helping out.

 9 x 12"
oil on panel

My new painting features one of my favorite Edward Hopper's, Hotel Room.  I saw it at an exhibition of Hoppers at the Art Institute of Chicago a few years ago.  It, like many others, expresses solitude, in a hotel setting which was the first in a long series of paintings set in different hotels.

Hotel Room depicts a woman lost in her own thoughts, too tired to unpack, checking the time of her train the next day.  I particularly love the stark vertical, horizontal and diagonal shapes surrounding her.  And it's a scene we can all relate to - pooped out from traveling, plopping ourselves on the bed surrounded by luggage, wondering what the next day brings.

My painting will be part of the grand opening of the Red Piano Art Gallery in their new home in Bluffton SC, a quaint little area filled with galleries, restaurants and markets.  

They have moved from Hilton Head Island, just a few miles away.  The expected date is June 1st - stop in if you're in the area.

Please click here for a larger view and purchase/contact information.

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