Monday, April 20, 2015


5 x 10"
oil on panel

It isn't really easy for me to choose what to paint every day, but once I have a path or theme, I'm on it.  Like this series A to Z - I have no idea when I start my day and proceed to browse the thousands of photos I've taken for years until I zero in on a couple of possibilities.  Then I think which one do I have the desire to tackle today.   This series makes me think, it forces me to paint faster and looser and I play with different formats and use panels I've set aside for a long time.  All a good thing. 

From the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, years ago, when 'Tiber' was loaned from the Louvre.

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Melle Ferre said...

Oh this is so striking! Mom so used to seeing a flat background in your paintings and here it's infinity! Very beautifully realized color scheme and superb composition!