Sunday, September 29, 2013


5 x 5"
oil on panel

There's few things that excite me more than dramatic sun and shadows, especially on different colors, then I obsess about what the color of the shadow is compared to the lit area.  As an artist, I just love that.

After several days of cruising east on the Lincoln Highway, through Nebraska and now Iowa, we veered a little north to continue on a very picturesque road called the Grant Wood Scenic Byway.  Grant Wood is most famous for 'American Gothic' and lived and painted the rolling hills of northeastern Iowa.  Below is one of my favorites -

'Young Corn' by Grant Wood

My painting is from the small town of Logan, Iowa.

correction .... after tediously searching through Google street view to find this exact location, I discovered I was mistaken that it was in Anamosa, Iowa.  It is in Logan, Iowa on the Lincoln Highway (after all) and I can add it to my series, which I'm happy to do.


Diane Mannion said...

The sunlight really glows here... brighter than white. Amazing. And love the spot of blue in the shadow on the left. Love your work!

Linda Roth said...

Love the street scene and the play of lights and darks. Your concern over the color of the shadows paid off.

Young corn is really different from your other work. The style is most suitable for the subject, as I recall the hills of corn fields we drove through years ago. Are you sure you saw trees? I just remember corn , miles of corn. Great painting. :-))

RC Reese said...


Amy Hillenbrand said...

I love your beach paintings, I love your museum paintings and I love your painting of buildings.uch a special feel to them. Your shadows are wonderful. I can see the influence of Grant Wood in your work. Oh and I love your dog paintings and your…. well you get the idea.