Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Show in Asheville

I feel like on a daily basis, I utter the words 'it's always something'.  When something breaks and gets fixed, something else breaks.  That has been the case in my life since the summer began.  Last week, the day before I headed to Asheville for my opening at 16 Patton, my studio's Mac died.  I hurried it to the hospital, a life-saving place called Onyx, where I hoped they could revive my beloved computer (again), then drove up to Asheville the next morning, trying to forget my troubles. 

Asheville is a great little city, for those who haven't been.  I met up with my good friends, Neil and Karen Hollingsworth (who's paintings are also in the gallery) - I so appreciated that they took the time to join me.  We stayed at a brand-new hotel, the Aloft, smack dab in the downtown and right around the corner from 16 Patton - I highly recommend it for visitors.

I want to thank all those folks who took the time to come by Friday evening, I met a couple who came all the way from New Jersey and another couple from Raleigh and many more who really make me proud of what I do.  Thank you all, I greatly appreciated you coming by.

Also a note about the Edward Hopper House Small Works Show that I submitted my work to - they rejected my paintings but I'm proud to mention several artists I know, Nancy Colella, Kathleen Coy and Stephen Magsig, were accepted and I'm thrilled for them.

I'm happy to report my Mac is back where it belongs, a big grateful hug to Matt at Onyx for bringing it back to life - I'm paralyzed without it.  I'm onto preparing for my workshop in Hilton Head, just a month away and I've got a dual show in early December at the Morris & Whiteside Gallery which I have to start working on right away.  It's always something.   Sometimes in a good way.


Unknown said...

Good luck with everything! I'm so impressed you were able to save your Mac. When mine died, everything went with it - reminding me how important a Time Machine is :(

Debbie Miller said...

love that photo of the woman looking at your art - looks like one of your paintings!