Sunday, July 14, 2019

"Blowing Off Steam"

9 x 12"
oil on panel

The painting I featured is one that stops me in my tracks every time in the Art Institute of Chicago - The Puff of Smoke by Gifford Beal.  The beautiful, billowing smoke is the first thing that blows my mind and the source of that smoke is hidden below eye level but it doesn't feel necessary.  The location is on the Hudson River at Newburgh, New York so it's presumed the steam is coming from a passing train.  And the palette - cool, silvery tones feel like a frigid day.  I just love this painting.

Gifford Beal was an American painter, born in New York City in 1879.  Cool facts, his brother became an accomplished artist as did his niece, who married Duncan Philips who founded the Philips Collection Museum in Washington, DC.  Gifford was a painter of everyday life, landscapes along the Hudson River and Rockport, Massachusetts, where he spent summers much like his other artists friends.

Check out Gifford Beal's work done in his later years, in the 30's - noticeably looser, using different medias other than oils, joining in on the Regionalist artists of that time.

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