Wednesday, August 5, 2015

'Gauguin' and My New Book 'A to Z'

6 x 8"
oil on panel

A new addition to my series ArtistZ,  choosing Paul Gauguin for G.  I grappled with my three choices - Giacometti, who my mom also loved and emulated in painting and sculpture,  Jean-Leon Gerome who painted the most exquisite, realism I've ever laid eyes on and Paul Gauguin, who had no rules about color other than creating harmony.

Gauguin would win the most colorful life story if there was a contest.  Born in Paris, father died on the voyage to Peru, leaving a 1-1/2 year old Paul, his mother and sister to fend for themselves, eventually returned to France, joined the French navy, was a stockbrocker, got rich, lost most of it in a stock market crash and started painting full-time.  Married, had five kids, after 11 years, kids and mom told him to leave.  Yah-dah-yah-dah-yah-dah, met Van Gogh, moved to Tahiti, painted beautiful paintings,  fell ill a number of times, got an agent to sell his work, returned to Paris, returned to Tahiti and lived there another six years, drank too much, he was thought to have syphilis, painted more beautiful masterpieces, went to prison for libeling a lawyer, took too much morphine and died in 1903.

There is something that sends me when I look at a Gauguin in person and that's why I chose him.

A woman standing before Gauguin's 'Aha De Feii?' (What! Are You Jealous?).

Also... my latest series AtoZ is now in a book available thru Blurb.


This new book is 7 x 7" with 26 color reproductions of my daily paintings inspired by the letters of the alphabet.

Click here to preview the book.

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jhankin said...

Karen, There is an excellent film about Gaugain entitled "A Wolf At The Door", starring Donald Sutherland as Gaugain. It chronicles that brief period when he returned to Europe from Tahiti the first time and what led him to leave for good. It's hard to find, but worth the effort. I recall the colors being majestic.